Guided Meditation for the Gaia, Yaldabaoth & Plasma Parasites detachment

hi there,
we have been members of the global mass meditation effort for years now and have been following and participating in the daily meditations posted on your blog. this is our first attempt at creating a guided meditation and it certainly was an interesting mission.
this project took several weeks and was met with much resistance and many difficulties from technological to energetic attacks to physical illness... but today finally brought success in publishing this finished work to youtube for sharing.
based on Cobra's last update wherein he mentioned the 'final push' and this meditation being specifically important i hope that this will help all who are assisting in this important work.
the meditation is embedded with 528HZ solfeggio frequency and guided visualization.
it is slightly longer than the original suggestion of 2 minutes, however we feel it is well worth the extended effort, especially at this critical time in our collective mission.

please feel free to pass this along as you like, share freely. and although i mentioned it in the video description i will share once again my special gratitude to all who are working for planetary liberation and victory of the light.

sat nam,
with love and gratitude,
R & J

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