Foci for Natural and man-made Disaster Calming for Today Dec 4 and this Week

As our Mother Earth continues to cleanse and clear, thank you for staying calm, in LOVE and in GRATITUDE when meditating and as much as you can throughout your day. As we are in a relative period of calm, this report is being posted weekly, unless there is a critical update during the week.

Family, we now clearly know that global meditations have positive effect. The good news for those of you participating in this one: since "Strong weather events are not planetary in scope but are localized to a certain part of the planetary surface... critical mass of meditators to dissolve them is usually between 5000 to 10,000 people.”

Regular seismic activity continues all around our Mother Earth with continuing small quake activity worldwide as pressure is gently released, and some larger ones, fortunately in relatively unpopulated areas. Let us continue to focus on sending LIGHT & CALMING to all the ley lines and assisting our Mother Earth to release the pressures gently in areas where least damage can occur.

 There was a 6.0 earthquake off the northern coast in Ecuador yesterday—very near the area that was devastated by a 7-pointer more than a year ago. Fortunately there have been no immediate reports of victims & other than knocking out power in some rural areas , no major damages from that quake.

We’ve had 76 earthquakes around the world in the past 24 hours. The biggest today was a 5.7 south of the Kermadec Islands. There were a 3.5 in Puerto Rico, 5.3 East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, 4.3 Alaska Peninsula, 5.0 Taiwan, 3.0 Loiza, Puerto Rico, 3.5 Puerto Rico, 4.6 Oita, Japan, 4.5 North Sulawesi, Indonesia, 4.6 Iwate, Japan, 4.2 Vancouver Island, Canada, 4.4 Maluku, Indonesia, 4.7 Kepulauan Obi, Indonesia, 3.3 Puerto Rico, 5.5 Vanuatu, 4.8 Maluku, Indonesia, 4.1 Latium, Italy, 4.8 Vanuatu, 4.7 Kepulauan Talaud, Indonesia, Torba, Vanuatu, 4.2 Chinandega, Nicaragua, 4.6 Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan, 5.1 Central Mid Atlantic Ridge, and a 4.3 Valparaíso, Chile.

Bali’s Mount Agung volcano continues to spew steam but activity has decreased. The plume of steam and ash coming from Mount Agung has thinned and while the alert remains at the maximum level 4, with the relief in ash emissions from Mount Agung, airlines have resumed flights to help stranded tourists.

Seismic activity suggests superheated magma is moving closer to the volcano’s crater and that with lava moving closer to the surface, the volcano’s eruption is reaching a “critical phase.” Large groups of locals are taking part in ceremonies to appeal to end the Bali volcano’s eruption. 
Let us continue to surround Bali and it’s people in Love and Light, assisting their work on the ground. 

Around the world, regular volcanic activity has ash warnings at Fuego Guatemala, Karymsky Kamchatka, Dukono Halmahara, Agung Bali, Reventador Ecuador, Sakurajima Japan, Sabancaya Peru.

Currently, there are 2 tropical cyclones in the North and South Indian ocean basins: Tropical Cyclone Ockhi in the Bay of Bengal and Tropical Cyclone Dahlia in the South Indian ocean. 

Let’s focus on calming those, and any flooding they can cause!

Heavy rains this last week in many areas of the world caused severe flooding and record-breaking rain at some locations over the weekend especially in New South Wales, Australia and Albania. 

A major weather pattern change is about to hit parts of the USA, with forecast of an intensifying winter storm to hit Rockies to Northern Plains and Upper Midwest bringing heavy snow, strong winds, blizzard conditions, and dangerous travel early this week.

Please continue to send much love and light to the many working on the cleanup and recoveries from the fires, storms, and floods everywhere, and to all living beings, especially our many animal relations who have been harmed by natural and man-made disasters everywhere, surrounding them in love, light, and healing.

Please continue to visualize all areas that have been harmed surrounded in light, bringing peace and calming, and evacuees returning to their homes. Please continue to visualize Puerto Rico, Vieques, Virgin Islands, and all areas recovering from hurricanes and floods, surrounded by pink light, healing, recovering, and getting the help they require.

Thank you for joining as one today to help positively affect the Natural & Man-Made Disasters on our Mother Earth and please continue to hold as much Light as you can throughout your days. I love you all. We are ONE.

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