Yielding higher results with inclusion

I just listened to the Winter Solstice meditation that has been posted. It is obvious you all have put a lot of effort into it's production, and thanks for that. I am most frustrated that I will not be sharing it, because it does not hold the same inclusivity that the Solar Eclipse contained, and honestly, I am rather disappointed.

From what I gather from the postings within these groups, you are all wanting to reach 144000 light workers to join in these meditations. While this is a very ambitious goal, it is still attainable. The thing is, how are we expecting to reach this goal by excluding others who are not ready (perhaps yet) to accept our point of view concerning our galactic cousins or their generous intervention? Even that these named galactic groups in the WS med do deserve our gratitude, it is a limiting side-focus that would remove potential participation. It would limit the possibilities of more people joining our collective intent for effectiveness in attaining the 144000 goal. When including specific events, occurrences, and people who are not yet in present view of the main stream, it seems like the meditation is "preaching to the choir." When our own beliefs, such as the presence and events that directly involve galactic societies, are included in meditations, (which may absolutely be necessary in addressing some of our specific short-term goals in other meds), it is not conducive to the 144000 goal overall. I cannot and will not ask someone else to meditate on something they don't believe just because it is what I believe. It is frustrating that these same people who desire Love Happiness and Freedom for the highest good of all are excluded simply because we refuse to meet them where they are. I know that I would not meditate or pray for something I do not believe or that I am not ready for, and I would not ask anyone else to. It is most likely that a lot of people just need a few stepping stones, and we have the capacity to provide that foothold by meeting them where they are.

While I love participating in the other meditations just as they are, when it comes to the solstice and equinox meditations, would it not be prudent to simply focus on what we have in common with ALL people who want Love, Peace and Happiness for all? Was this not the main focus of the Solar Eclipse meditation that was so successful? Would you all please consider meeting others where they are at least for the goal of increasing participation when selecting meditation times based on the seasonal events of Gaia and her inhabitants?
If you do not want to change these quarterly event meditations, would you consider a meditation that is held on a regular basis that reflect these inclusive qualities? It seems that it has been considered similarly in the Sunday Weekly Meditation, yet that med still holds the aspects of exclusivity at the end of it.

I suggest that a meditation be readied that focuses on the basic seed intents that the greater part of our mass collective desires: Love, Peace, Abundance, Happiness ... for the highest good of all. And perhaps it needs it's own campaign even? Would it be more likely that the manifestation of this request would reflect the highest yield of participants by focusing our collective intention on these basic, main principles? Wouldn't our collective focus on simply to Love One Another be inclusive enough to attain Optimal Temporal Reality?

To take this a step further, there are several benevolent groups of humans on this planet who could be invited to join this more inclusive type of meditation. There are several leaders out there with followings who's main focus matches these same seed intents of Love, Peace... Many of these same leaders recognize the effectiveness of mass meditation, and with an inclusive agenda like this would most likely be more inclined to help promote it. Wouldn't that be AmAZinG?!

In addition, I would strongly suggest that this meditation meet a high quality of audio sound if it were to be promoted. Adjusting the audio levels appropriately so that the music is not too loud and distracting from the instruction would be helpful. Most of the meditations are really good, but there are a few that could use this adjustment. Sometimes the instruction is so low that when I increase the volume to hear it, the music is piercing.

Thank you all for your amazing and dedicated service. Thank you for the opportunities and space you've helped to create for our ascension process. Thank you for your consideration of these requests.

Love to you all

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