• Dear Hoshino, what I wanted to say concerns not especially winter solstice.
    I read your interview with Cobra and felt really connected with your behavior and how you did the interview, it was full of awareness and respect and touched me. I´m since a lot of years a follower of Cobra.And then I got the idea, that your blog could connect with others, that
    organize worldwide meditations for the ascendence of our planet and for fixing the goddess energy on earth. (Because Cobra told, in the solstice meditation we were really less people), to do some synchronization with the others. I have some mail addresses from other blogs, that I follow also, and if you want I can give you this information for connecting with them. ((unify, world peace prayer society, fuji declaration, one world in dialogue...)
    Together we can reach much more.

    Thank you for your great work.

    Victory of the light, Gertrud (

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