Dangerous meditation mistake? Serving a black agenda? Error?

I have been doing the key to freedom meditation for months now, and also the budhic columns and others adviced to be done daily or weekly.
I also experience other spiritual awakening paths and meditations and I consider myself a training master. I realized that those meditations are deeply coded for the outside-in program, keeping the consciousness trapped in illusion. When you visualize a light coming from above and reaching you, you are strengthening the old outside-in matrix way of thought. When you visualize a light coming upwards from mother Earth into your body you're also feeding this mindset. This mindset essentially takes the power away from you and roots a limiting belief that you depend on everything exterior to you, the truth is you depend solely on what is inside yourself, your heart of hearts. What should be done is you should visualize a light first in your heart, and then moving from your heart rooting deep into Mother Earth's heart, afterwards, from your heart and upwards into the sky, this will essentially free a channel that will be used when the Great Central Sun emmits its light for the Event, but also, it will be open for all kinds of information you might be receiving. Doing it the current way, the old way, makes you vulnerable to dark forces attacks, mind trapping programs and limiting beliefs implanting. The current pattern of meditation is now serving a dark agenda, I hope it is not on purpose, one can go doing this meditation and feel light and joy, but there are fake light beings that will simulate these feelings. Think with me, how much your life has really changed for greater good? How your thoughts have changed? Are you less stressed? Do you have less problems now? Connection with the source is now and not imagining it is comming sometime, it is happening NOW. True light comes from inside out, never outside in, this is the law, this is the truth. Meditation should be changed urgently to serve a deeper purpose, it has infinetly more power if done the way I described, try it yourself, dont be deceived.

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