The Need for Global Autonomous Regional Government

If you look at the history of the world you will realize that most big empires don't last long and are often plagued with wars and strife throughout a long portion of their existence. That said, I believe that Russia, China and the US would be better served if they had autonomous regional government. The BIG benefit here is that it would allow various FACTIONS to have their own spheres of influence. In the current setup in most countries, it is a winner take all scenario and this makes the world a much more violent and dangerous place. A number of years ago I put forward a plan to bring autonomous regional government to the US via a National Constitutional Convention. The idea has been shared in many circles, but to date has not gained a whole lot of traction. Still I believe it is an idea whose time has come. Especially now with major earth changes on the horizon, it would be very prudent to have government closer to home where it can be more responsive to the states and people. See link below for more details.

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