Shielding from negative internet entities

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Suzanne Tibermont:

Protection against negative internet entities

(also mentioned by untwine, close to cobra, on his blog " recreating balance “…/smaller-negative-p…)

Negative entities sent by the "Lords" of the shadow abound on the internet.
Here is a sacred text to free you and protect you at every connection.

" I (name, name) request purification by angelic choirs, the violet flame of Saint Germain and the white ray of master serapis bay.

I ask the people of light to purify my computer, tablet, smartphone and all my internet connections,
In order to free me from harm caused by these negative entities affecting the sites.

I ask for the complete cleansing and perfect transmutation of all these beings, sent here against their will.

So I get free from the action of the purple flame and the white ray.

No evil will escape this instant cleansing.

The Protective Angels are around me.

I thank the angelic choirs for protection and the honorable Violet Flame and the divine white ray. "

Transmitted by Suzanne Tibermont


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